My Routes

4 routing engines on 1 page:
Make your way, save and share.

Compare multiple directions services on one page.
My Routes is created as an example of Google Web Application and Google Apps add-on, and is meant for demonstration purposes. It allows to compare map and routing services from different providers on the same page, and visualize route planning based on the waypoints’ addresses stored in your Google Sheets, Documents or pasted from the clipboard.
An approach to the automated localization on the fly with translation management is also demonstrated.
Disclaimer: The number of map engines requests is limited by free quota per day. Extend it by using and setting your own API keys for map services.

Short induction:
Click Add Address to add a new address to your waypoints list.
Enter address or click on map to add a waypoint.
Click to edit Click this icon to Edit waypoint.
Browse Click this icon to Browse waypoint on the native map.
✖  Click this icon to Remove waypoint from list.
Browse Click this icon to Share the route.
Browse Click this icon to Load the route from a saved record.
Browse Click this icon to Save the route for future use.
Browse Click this icon to Browse the route on the native map.
✖  Click this icon to Clear the route list.
Drag and drop waypoints in the list to change the order.
Choose interface language from the dropdown list.
Click the logo to set your own or enterprise Client ID, Code, map API KEYs and customize interface translation for your language.